Riga, October 28, 2016


ADM is the strongest digital agency and solutions developer in Estonia. We are constantly expanding our services both at home in the Nordics and Globally. For years, we have been at the top of the Estonian Marketing and Digital agencies and Agency Revenue lists of high earners. Our works have been awarded both locally and internationally. For 4 consecutive years, we have received most of the awards from the Estonian digital marketing competition, Digitegu. 
ADM was established in 1997 which makes us one of the oldest digital agencies in Estonia. We introduce the very best in Baltic innovation and practices to the world and, likewise, bring global knowledge and experience back to the Baltics. We have offices in Tallinn and London. We have a strong technical team who is focused around 5 competences, out of which Drupal is a core competence. Coding is our passion!
Our clients are serious businesses, mainly from Europe but also from the US and Asia. They include: Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola, Amnesty International, Bosch and Siemens, Telia Sonera, G4S, Unilever, Swedbank, G4S and many other great local companies, state institutions and organisations.
We have 5 dedicated teams:
·         E-commerce solutions development and maintenance
·         Development of web based infosystems (portals, service centres, websites)
·         Digital media strategy, planning and analytics together with campaign production.
·         Service and UX/UI design
·         Amazon/Google based Managed Cloud Hosting
Want to know more? http://www.adm.ee/en/
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